Oriental Rug Design - Writing the Talam

This year Fair & Square Imports is hosting its Fair Trade Oriental Rug Event at its McKinney location one weekend only: February 4-7, 2016. Please join us in celebrating the amazing talent of artisans in Pakistan who are bettering their community through the traditional art of rug making. Click here to learn more about the event.

Below you'll find more information about one step in the intricate process of hand-making oriental rugs.


Writing the Graph into Talam


The rug designs are written into a special "rug language" called talam. Talam basically reads like a large counted cross-stitch pattern.

The talam works like this: Each color has a symbol and the color's symbol is used with the amount of knots of that color written above it.

The talam is then either read by the knotter or one knotter will call the instructions to others on the loom.

The talam is written in sheets, each sheet denoting a certain progression of the rug.

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