Oriental Rug Preparation - From Sheep to Wool

This year Fair & Square Imports is hosting its Fair Trade Oriental Rug Event at its McKinney location one weekend only: February 4-7, 2016. Please join us in celebrating the amazing talent of artisans in Pakistan who are bettering their community through the traditional art of rug making. Click here to learn more about the event.

Below you'll find more information about one step in the intricate process of hand-making oriental rugs.


The finest wool

The first step in the production of Oriental rugs is the collection of the wool.

The wool used in these rugs is mostly from local Pakistani wool but sometimes a blend is used. Bunyaad, the rug artisan group, aims to support local sheep herders so the ancient form of retaining wool continues.

Bunyaad also uses a very high grade of different-ply worsted wool that is specially blended just for the artisan group. Most of the wool is from a breed of sheep known as the dhumba sheep.

The dhumba sheep has an extra fat pack on its tail adding extra oil and lanolin to the wool and hence adding quality to the wool.

Sheepherder with his herd of dhumba sheep.jpg
Dhumba sheep.jpg