Singing Rooster Coffee Spotlight

There’s nothing quite like that sweet bean juice we like to call coffee. The smell alone can bring joy to our hearts! Although there are different levels to java-love, most can agree that a really good cup of coffee is hard to pass up. 

What if we could enjoy our daily fix while simultaneously helping the environment, empowering impoverished farmers, and casting a vote against unfair labor? That would be multi-tasking at its finest! Our Organic Singing Rooster coffee makes that entirely possible without compromising taste or quality.

Mountain Bleu Coffee - Haiti
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Singing Rooster is a social-enterprise non-profit in Haiti that works alongside small producers to alleviate poverty by strengthening businesses. With a minimum of $3 per pound going directly back to the farmers, you can feel good about your purchase! Not only are they making a difference in Haiti’s economy, they also have a great environmental impact. Each bag you buy  plants a tree in the nation’s deforested mountains. Since less than 3% of the land  is forested, this is a big deal! Reforestation means flood-prevention, crop-protection, cleaner air, and guaranteed income-generation. Your daily cup has the potential to make real change in the lives of thousands of people.

Whether you enjoy a smooth chocolatey brew, or a mellow citrus-y perk, we’ve got you covered! We have many blends to choose from, with both whole bean and ground options. Since Singing Rooster’s coffee is roasted in small batches here in the U.S., you can expect freshness and therefore a quality coffee experience. So treat yourself or a fellow caffeine addict to a bag of our Singing Rooster Coffee today!