Paper Lantern Craft

Lin Yi is longing for a new red rabbit lantern for The Moon Festival in Lin Yi's Lantern by Brenda Williams & Benjamin Lacombe. To go along with the reading of this book, we created a craft — A Chinese Paper Lantern.

Here's what you'll need:
  • computer and printer to download and print lantern template scissors
  • 1 ft. of white yarn
  • pony beads
  • 12" wood dowel
  • crayons
  • stapler
  • white glue or hot glue

  • LANTERN STICK: Wrap yarn around the top of the dowel 3 times and secure with glue. Thread pony beads onto the yarn. Set aside.
     Click to purchase Lin Yi's Lantern on Amazon

    Click to purchase Lin Yi's Lantern on Amazon

     Click to download and print the PDF template

    Click to download and print the PDF template

    LANTERN: Download and print lantern template onto card stock. First, cut away the margin around the artwork. Keep a strip of paper from the right side (about 1" x 8.5") — this will be used as the lantern handle. Color the lantern. 

    Fold the lantern in half lengthways along the dotted line. Crease the center fold sharply. 

    Hold the lantern with the fold at the bottom, and cut along the 9 dotted lines, stopping at the dark black line (1" before the top edge). 

    Open the lantern. Make a tube by overlapping the top edges and stapling them together; repeat with the bottom edges of the lantern. Gently push the top down slightly to form the lantern shape.

    Staple the strip of paper to the top of the lantern to make a handle. Poke a small hole in the center of the handle and thread the yarn of the lantern stick through it; make a knot to secure the stick.

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