Getting Your Kids to Answer the Call of the Wild

Increasing your child’s intake of Vitamin N[ature] has many positive benefits to their physical and mental health. Playing outside:

  • Enhances a positive mood while decreasing anxiety and stress
  • Increases Vitamin D production
  • Helps kids focus

With minimal effort, you can combat Nature-deficit Disorder with a fun activity that will get your kids outdoors and exploring their own backyard! Create a Nature Scavenger Hunt and take your kids on a nature walk looking for flowers, foliage, and critters found in your natural habitat.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Create a list of nature items found in your area for kids to collect. Create another list of critters to locate and observe.
  2. Glue list to eco-friendly paper bags.
  3. Attach a Fair and Square Imports Pine Crayon (handmade in Ecuador) with twine to the handles.
  4. Release your kids into the wilds of your neighborhood!

Pine Crayons, handmade in Ecuador by Rafael Cuyo

Rafael Cuyo is one of the artisans who makes our pine crayons. The sticks from these crayons are gathered during the pruning process. This process helps the trees grow and encourages reforestation.

Pine Crayon Bundle - Ecuador
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