Level Ground Trading Coffee

Level Ground Trading Coffee


1 LB bag: 17.95

Bolivian: Medium Roast - In this rich, well-balanced coffee, citrus and floral blossom into caramel and finish delicately with lingering hints of milk chocolate.

Tanzanian: Dark Roast - A deep, wild, full-flavoured cup with pleasant earthiness, juicy acidity and a fearless dark chocolate finish.

Congolese: Medium Roast - Sweetly aromatic, juicy citrus, smooth milk chocolate, exotic spice.

Espresso: Medium/Dark Roast - This organic blend of African and South American coffee has a lively entry, rich creme and tremendous character with a cocoa finish.

Decaf: Dark Roast - This coffee is natural-water decaffeinated and presents a clean, full-bodied taste with hints of cocoa and black currants.

Peruvian: Medium Roast - A sweet, crisp coffee with a bright, citrus-hinted entry, delicate cocoa notes and a clean fruity finish.

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