Custom Word Heart - Kenya

Custom Word Heart - Kenya

from 7.00

Handmade in Kenya, etched in McKinney, TX | $7.00 - 10.00 each

These hearts are hand-carved out of soapstone in Kenya. Etching is completed at our shop in McKinney, Texas and is done free hand.

HOW IT WORKS: Please add one heart at a time based on how many letters/symbols are in your message (don't count spaces). When you click "Add to Cart," you will be prompted to fill out a form where you can tell us the message you would like on your heart. As long as we think it'll fit and it's something you'd let your mamma see, then it's good to go! In your message please only include the number of letters that you have selected.

For 30+ letters and drawings, OR for large quantities of the same message, click here to send us a message for a custom quote.

Each heart approx. 1.75 inches wide. Text style and tone of color will vary.

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