Fair Trade Sarongs

Blue Hand Batik was founded by husband and wife team, Tracy Tang and Arnie Cullipher. In 1994 they were introduced to the art of batiking while backpacking in Bali. The first few years, Tracy and Arnie lived in Bali. They taught themselves to speak and write Indonesian. Now they travel to Indonesia often to oversee production and develop new designs.

Blue Hand sarongs are made of the highest quality rayon producing a wash-and-dry garment with no fading or shrinking.  The fabrics are created through the traditional Indonesian art of batiking.  This batiking process involves applying hot wax to the fabric, dyeing the fabric and finally boiling the wax off to reveal the image underneath.  The completed fabric dries in the sun.  Each color represents a dyeing and waxing process.  All is done by hand.  Batik is an artisan’s handmade interpretation.  Each batch will have slight color variations, but that's what makes it unique!

Batik Rayon Sarong - Indonesia
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Sarong Buckle - Indonesia
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How To Tie A Sarong

The video and pictures below demonstrate different ways to tie your Blue Hand Batik sarong: