Sseko's Ribbon Sandals are our FAVORITE product that they sell, and the only one that we carry in-store at our shop in downtown McKinney.

Scroll through dozens of YouTube videos with step-by-step instructions on how to tie your ribbon sandals.

Our favorites that fit well on almost everyone are The Classic Tie, The Morgan Tie, and The Classic Woven Tie.

The Classic Tie

The Morgan Tie


Sidewinder Slide Tie

Diamond Slingback Tie


Twisted Gladiator Tie

Rectangle Accessory Thong Tie


Rectangle Accessory Classic Tie

Braided Thong Slip-On Tie


Circle Accessory Tie

Braidy Bunch Tie


Classic Woven Tie

Knotty Slip-On Tie


Double Cross Tie

Holly Tie


Toe Sling Tie

Classic Thong Tie


Classic Flip Flop Tie

Diagonal Bow Tie


Ankle Flip Flop Tie

Twisted Slip-On Tie


Arrowhead Tie

Gift Box Tie


Topister's Tie


Star Slip-On Tie

Braided Slip-On Tie


Chiang Mai Tie

Sunburst Tie


Open Toe Star Tie

Braided Slip-On Flip Flop Bow Tie


2 Strap Tall Gladiator Tie

Butterfly Tie


Allen's Tie

Be-weave in Me Tie