Fabric Frisbees for Backyard AND Indoor Fun!

Yesterday Andrew and I got silly in our backyard throwing around the frisbee.

But not just any old plastic frisbee — a washable, soft, easy to catch Fabric Frisbee!

These frisbees are so much easier for kids to throw and catch because kids can really grasp and hold on to them. And, they're soft so it wont hurt your little ones (or your furniture!) if they miss the catch.

These frisbees are perfectly suitable for indoor AND outdoor use, especially on calm days.

They are easy to fold up and put in your pocket or purse until ready to use.

Made by a fair trade group called PocketDiscs, all of the frisbees are handmade in Guatemala by the Maya people. Each disc also helps pay for new filtration systems that make river water safe to drink.


Each frisbee includes an insert with game ideas!