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Fair Trade

Fair and Square fair trade artisan partner Ankur Kala - IndiaAt Fair & Square Imports, every item is unique, handmade, & positively impacts our world. Fair trade is a system that not only aims to pay fair wages, but also ensures:
  • Safe working conditions
  • Community investment
  • No child exploitation
  • Pre-purchases & prompt payments
  • Equal opportunity for women
  • Honest & long-term relationships
  • Environmentally friendly
Fair Trade is about empowering some of the most marginalized people to break free from cycles of dependency and poverty. Fair Trade seeks to use the free-market, global trade, and entrepreneurship to actively provide opportunity to many around the world. 

We are dedicated to helping eradicate poverty through purchasing only from small-scale artisans, co-ops, non-profits, & farmers throughout the developing regions of the world.

By making their handicrafts and goods available to new markets like McKinney, we help create economic opportunity so these artisans and farmers can support their families and themselves.