The Beginner’s Guide to Pour Over Coffee

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MAY 21, 2018 by VALENTINA

"If there’s one thing most of us can agree on, it’s that the day doesn’t officially start until we’ve had our coffee. And let’s be honest, some days require two. If most of us are willing to acknowledge that we are much more pleasant post-caffeination, there’s far less consensus on how to make it taste good.

There are seemingly endless ways to brew coffee: Instant, single serve pods, French press, percolator, automatic drip, AeroPress, and pour over, just to name a few. If your mornings regularly include hitting snooze multiple times, rushing around desperately seeking your keys, and hustling the kids to the car whether they’re wearing both shoes or not, you may be more of a single-serve pod in a to-go cup type. If you’re a lover of the outdoors, and regularly cook over a fire and sleep in a portable home that’s made of Nylon, percolator coffee may be more your speed. But for those of you who want a coffee house experience in the comfort of your favorite not-to-be-worn-in-public sweats on a Sunday morning, then the pour over technique is right up your alley.

Brewing an outstanding cup of coffee in your own home is a lot easier than you think. All you need is fairly traded whole beans, a grinder, a kettle, water, #2 filters, your favorite mug, and a ceramic coffee dripper.

Here is our fool-proof, nine-step guide to a better brew:

Step 1

Put the water on! For best results, use a gooseneck kettle. This gives the best control for your pour. And, if you’re a real over-achiever, use filtered water.

Step 2

While your water is boiling, grind those coffee beans! Set your grinder to medium and grind roughly two tablespoons per 6 oz of water.

Step 3

Place the ceramic coffee dripper securely on top of your mug and set the filter in the dripper.

Step 4

After the water has boiled, pour a bit into the filter and let it run through to reduce the paper taste. Discard that water.

Step 5

Scoop your grounds into the filter, and give it a slight shake to ensure that they are level.

Step 6

It’s time for your first pour! This one is important. Saturate the grounds, beginning in the center and circling outward. Wait approximately 30 seconds for the coffee to ‘bloom’ and settle.

So what is a bloom anyway? It’s the fast release of carbon dioxide that occurs when hot water comes into contact with coffee. The saturated grounds will foam slightly if your beans are fresh, and you’ve poured properly.

Step 7

When the bloom has settled, saturate the grounds again, but continue adding water to keep the grounds consistently wet until you’ve filled your mug.

Step 8

Drink and adjust! One of the best things about pour over coffee is that you have control over the brewing process to make your morning cup taste exactly how you like it. Have fun experimenting!

Step 9

Go put on some real pants, and take on your day!"