These fair trade hearts totally rock!

Somebody call Jagger; today we are talking about hearts of stone. All soulful ballads aside, our soapstone hearts are a rockin’ way to decorate your office or show a little love to someone special!

Each heart is skillfully carved from soapstone (or "Kisii" stone), a metamorphic rock that contains talc, making it easier to carve than others. The stone was originally used in Kenya for domestic purposes (such as carrying fat for sun-protection), but now it is commonly used to make sculptures for export. For many families, this is their primary source of income.

The process is one that requires many skillful people and patience. First, the stone has to be mined. No heavy machinery is used; only shovels and picks. Next, they sort out the soapstone and soak it to prepare it for carving. With knives, chisels, and other tools, the experienced carvers transform the rock into beautiful works of art! The last few steps are sanding, decorating and polishing. It often takes an entire family to successfully create the pieces.

Although the stone itself has naturally occurring variations of color including pink, lavender, grey, and red, many of our hearts are vibrantly dyed. In addition, some have words etched on them such as ‘grace’ and ‘create’, making it a simple way to personalize any space. So whether you’re brightening up your home or encouraging a friend, our fair trade hearts totally rock!