What TV show should you watch next?

We polled our customers, "What are the top 3 TV series that you rewatch every so often, or would be highly likely to rewatch?"

And here's what they recommended! In parentheses are the number of time the show was recommended:

  1. Gilmore Girls (4)
  2. Andy Griffith show (3)
  3. Friends (3)
  4. NCIS (3)
  5. Alias (2)
  6. Great British Bake Off (2)
  7. The Office (2)
  8. Seinfeld (2)
  9. Arrested Development
  10. Beachfront Bargain Hunt
  11. Bewitched
  12. Big Bang Theory
  13. Boston Legal
  14. Buffy
  15. Designing Women
  16. Fantasy Island
  17. How I Met Your Mother
  18. IT Crowd
  19. King of Queens
  20. Little House on the Prarie
  21. Mary Tyler Moore Show
  22. Parks and Rec
  23. Schitt’s Creek
  24. The Middle
  25. Twilight Zone
  26. X-Files

Pick a few, then snuggle up with your favorite fair trade throw and get watching! Here are a few ways to calm down and get in the TV marathon mood:

Did we miss one? Comment below with your recommendations!