Assistant Manager Job Description

This position is current filled.

Job Title: Assistant Manger

Full-time, Monday-Friday with 1 Saturday a month

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is outgoing when talking with strangers
  • Gets excited by numbers, projections and goals
  • Is self directed and loves to keep busy
  • Is a troubleshooter who can think quick on their feet
  • Is a great team player
  • Hates drama, but is not afraid of confrontation
  • Does not take things personally or get defensive
  • Is able to follow directions and take correction
  • Goes with the flow, and handles change without getting flustered
  • Loves to make guests happy
  • Always thinks the best of others first 


  • Customer service - Will help in developing and communicating sales scripts/tips/best practices/ideas/etc. and will make recommendations and corrections to team members if needed in regards to specific situations
  • Sales Goals - Will lead and motivate team members in all sales goals
  • Training - Will lead all team training
  • Efficiency - Will be in charge of team efficiency, creating and executing daily priority lists
  • Staff Communications - Will be in constant communication with team members about new information and will lead Monthly Employee Meetings with owner
  • Store Mission & Product descriptions (how it’s made, uses, care, artisan group, etc.) - Will help to make sure that the team is answering these questions the same way for customers
  • Sales floor maintenance - Will be in charge of our dusting/vacuuming schedule (which the team will help with), cleaning and organization of the sales floor, back rooms and bathroom
  • Display & Merchandising (ex. window & front table) - Will help lead where items should go after they are tagged
  • Correction - Will address any staff behavioral issues
  • Customer Communications - Will communicate with customers regarding special requests, etc. when they are not in the store (ex. Phone, email, social media)
  • Complaints/concerns - Will encourage team members to come to them with any complaints, concerns, or odd experiences
  • Point of Sales procedures - Will be a staff expert on all Point of Sales procedures
  • Event Planning/Budgeting - Will help lead all event planning/budgeting
  • Subbing - Will sub for other team members as needed, and during emergencies
  • Saturdays - Will work 1 Saturday per month to sub and connect with weekend crew